Johanna Elina

Johanna Elina's latest album "Belonging" was released in May 2016, and got a Danish Grammy nomination as the best jazz vocal album of the year 2016. The musicians on the album are: Anders Filipsen (Dk)- synths, Henrik Olsson (Se) - guitar and Håkon Berre (No) - drums. She was also nominated as the upcoming composer / songwriter of the year 2016 (DJBFA).

Her debut album "Our Garden" was released in 2011 with exquisite response. There were altogether 11 musicians appering on the album, among them Danish Music Grammy winner August Rosenbaum (DK) on piano, international names like Francesco Bigoni (ITA) on saxophone, Joel Illerhag (SE) on bass and Håkon Berre (NOR) on drums. With an open mind towards different musical expressions the music can be described as modern alternative jazz.

Said about the debut album:

".... Johanna Elina opens her debut album in superior fashion, full of originality and feeling of the simple melody and a cream of the crop accompaniment from the orchestra around her.” - Christian Munch-Hansen. Politken.DK

“ Exciting new voice on the Danish jazz scene is bidding fall welcome with a confident and compassionate debut… that goes against the institutional jazz diva affectations, and gives space for independent and original song writing.” – Geiger. DK

“Johanna Elina has set an ambitious and high standards. It is music with depth, which insists on being listened to.” Jazz Nytt, DK.


IKI is boiling intuition and EXPLODING improvisation! It evolves and transforms singing, and brings it into new, uncharted territories.
IKI is an improvising vocal ensemble consisting of 6 female vocalists from Denmark, Norway and Finland based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band came together in 2009 and has since then appeared on Nordic national TV and radio, and their curious and intuitive approach to music has brought them to concert venues and festivals all around the Nordic countries and further down in Europe.
The ensemble works with a philosophy of being present and composing music on the spot. It is in an ongoing exploration of the human voice with its many facets and sounds. Musically IKI takes influences from different genres such as modern jazz, classical compositions, pop, folk and avant-garde. The young women’s deep Nordic roots shine through every aspect of their music, and could be described as Björk meets CocoRosie and Arvo Pärt.
They released their debut album in 2011, for which they won a Danish Music Award for «Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year». Their second album, Lava, was released in November 2014.